A Knife amongst the forks

A Knife amongst the forks agrandir

What are these two strange things above my nose I'm supposed to see with?

They can't be my eyes. No! They'd never have let me see such a thing.

And yet there's no denying it : I clearly see a knife in the fork compartment. A knife among the forks!

Director(s) :

Length :
3 min 30 sec

Category :
short films

Public :
young adults, adults

Scénario :

Graphism :
Jean-Loup Felicioli

Production :

Folimage, avec la participation de Arte France et Canal+.


In French theaters Special screenings International sales

Available version(s) :
French version, French version with English subtitles, International version (music and effects)

Awards / Festivals+

- Prix du Meilleur Film d'Animation Européen, Castelli Animati, Rome 2000
- Mention Spéciale, Festival Polar dans la ville, Saint Quentin en Yvelines 2002
- Special distinction, 15th World Festival of Animated Films of Zagreb, Croatie 2002
- Prix Hermès, Festival du Court métrage de Fréjus, 2003

Technical information+

Technicals :
drawings on paper

Genre(s) :

Theme(s) :
love, daily life

French visa number :
100 841

Process :

Available print(s) :
35mm, Betacam SP, DVD

Image radio (TV, video) :

HD :

Dialogues :

Year of production :


Producer(s) :

Patrick Eveno, Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Animation :
Alain Gagnol

Decors :
Jean-Loup Felicioli, Florence Henrard

Compositing :
Patrick Tallaron, Raphaël Souveton

Music :
Serge Besset

Sound :
Loïc Burkhardt

Editing :
Hervé Guichard

Mixage :
Jean-Claude Millet

Voice(s) :
Bernard Bouillon

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