Tôt ou tard

Tôt ou tard agrandir

Quirrel and bat. The convergence of different worlds and times of day. Forces in the underground govern night and day – and much more.

Director(s) :

Length :
5 min

Category :
short films

Public :
from 3 years old, all audience

Scénario :

Graphism :
Jadwiga Kowalska

Production :

Hochschule Luzern, Schweizer Fernsehen, Filmförderung Bern, Migros Kulturprozent


In French theaters Special screenings

Awards / Festivals+

ZeuginDesign Förderpreis

HSLU, LucerneCH, July 2007
Bern Film Prize -

Anerkennungspreis, Bern CH, November 2007
3rd rank Studentfilm

Competition, (up to 30 years), Jugend Film- und Videotage, Zürich CH, 2008
Audience Awards Studentfilm

Competition, (up to 30 years), Jugend-Film- und Videotage,

Zürich CH, 2008
Prize for the best 35 mm

film under 15 minutes in the

Children's and Youth Film Competition

Competitio, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

GER, 2008

Technical information+

Technicals :
paper cut-out, 2D computer graphics

Genre(s) :
romantic comedy, ecology / environment

Theme(s) :
friendship, loneliness, country, difference

French visa number :
124 493

Process :

Available print(s) :
35mm, DCP, DVD

Image ratio (theaters) :

Sound :
Dolby SR

HD :

Dialogues :

Year of production :


Producer(s) :

Gerd Gockell

Animation :
Jadwiga Kowalska

Music :
Louis Crelier

Sound :
Denis Séchaud, Alexander Miesch

Editing :
Marina Rosset

Images HD+

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