Raining cats and frogs


At the end of the world, away from it all, a family lives peaceably on a neat little farm perched high up on a hill.

But down at the foot of that hill, the frog world is in disarray: there is no doubt, everything points to one thing, another flood is on its way. Faced with this drastic situation, the frogs decide to break with tradition and talk to the humans. Here begins a great adventure story where animals and humans learn to live together. Not always an easy thing to do...

Director(s) :

Length :
1H30 min

Category :
feature films

Public :
from 6 years old

Scénario :

Graphism :
Iouri Tcherenkov

Production :

Folimage, Studio Canal, France 2 Cinéma, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma


In French theaters Special screenings International sales

Available version(s) :
French version, French version with English subtitles, International version (music and effects)

Awards / Festivals+

- Special Mention,  Berlin International Film Festival – 2004
- Cartoon Tribute, Cartoon Movie Potsdam–2004
- Grand Prix, Ottawa International Animation Festival - 2004
- Grand Prix, Chicago International Children's Film Festival – 2004
- etc.

Technical information+

Technicals :
drawings on paper

Genre(s) :
adventure / action, comedy, ecology / environment, social satire

Theme(s) :
ecology, friendship, environment, childhood, sea, animals

French visa number :

Process :

Available print(s) :
35mm, DCP, Digital Betacam, DVD

Image ratio (theaters) :

Image radio (TV, video) :

Sound :

HD :

Dialogues :

Year of production :


Decors :
Jean-Loup Felicioli

Compositing :
Benoit Razy

Music :
Serge Besset

Sound :
Frédéric Attal

Editing :
Hervé Guichard

Voice(s) :
Michel Piccoli, Anouk Grinberg, Laurentine Milebo, Michel Galabru, Annie Girardot, Jacques Higelin, Coline Girerd

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