The Studio

Our history

Since 1981

The studio was founded in 1981 by the director and producer Jacques-Rémy Girerd, and since 2016 it has been headed by Reginald de Guillebon.

FOLIMAGE is driven by a firm commitment towards nurturing the work of filmmakers who bring fresh and inventive angles to animation, and explore unconventional visual realms through wholly original techniques. This dedicated approach is embodied in our artist-in-residence program, which has been producing short films by international directors for 25 years. Throughout the decades, this animation galaxy has remained abuzz with creativity, combining production and filmmaking with services and distribution, forever adapting to the ever-shifting market.

Specialized in traditional 2D animation and stop motion, Folimage develops both original work - including The Secret Of Birds, feature film directed by Antoine Lanciaux, Looking For Santa, TV special directed by Marc Robinet, Vanille, TV special directed by Guillaume Lorin, or Ana Pumpkin, TV series directed by Wassim Boutaleb - and adaptations - including Ariol by Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant (TV series directed by Hélène Friren, Amandine Fredon, Emilie Sengelin and Mathias Varin), Don't Die Dumb by Marion Montaigne (TV series directed by Amandine Fredon, Hélène Friren and Pierre Volto - second-highest TV series ratings in France in 2020), Esther's Notebooks by Riad Sattouf (TV series directed by Riad Sattouf and Mathias Varin) and Verte by Marie Desplechin and Magali Le Huche (feature film directed by Hélène Friren).

Winner of the 2018 European Producer of the Year Award (Cartoon Tribute), Folimage also received the 2020 Export Award for short films (Unifrance / AFCA), acknowledging “the studio’s expertise in terms of production and distribution”.

The studio’s major hits include:

- The Monk and Fish, short film by Michael Dudok de Wit - César award for best short film in 1995;
- Charlie’s Christmas, TV special by Jacques-Rémy Girerd - Cartoon d'Or award in 1998;
- Raining Cats and Dogs, feature film by Jacques-Rémy Girerd - generating a cinema audience of 1.2 million in 2003;
- Leon's Animated Stories, 4x26 mn by Pascal Le Nôtre, Pierre-Luc Granjon and Antoine Lanciaux - 2008-2012;
- A Cat in Paris, feature film by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol - Oscar nomination in 2012;
- Snow, TV special by Antoine Lanciaux and Sophie Roze - Best Short FIlm, ITFS Stuttgart 2015;
- Vanille, TV special by Guillaume Lorin - Annecy Cristal award (best TV production) in 2021.

Our team



Hildegarde Group
Reginald DE GUILLEBON (President / Executive Producer)


Management Team
Pierre MELONI (General Manager / Producer)
Thomas PELLOQUIN (Chief Financial Officer)

Production Management
Catherine BLANC-MAURIZI (Feature Films)
Flore POINSARD (TV Series)
Solenne BLANC (Shorts Films)

Mathilde SANDRI (Accountant)
Patricia EPAILLARD (Reception / Secretary)

Jérémy MOURLAM (Distribution Manager)

Patrick TALLARON (Technical Manager)