DVD Le Bonheur de la vie (The Joy of life)

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"The Joy of life", TV series by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
20 episodes.

More hints, more health and more happiness...
This series answers children's most intimate questions concerning their sexuality.

This series has been produced with the French Committee for the Health Education, the Family Planning, the Health Ministry, the French Fondation, the French Insurance System, Youth and Sports Ministry, Improvement Ministry...

With twenty episodes, The Joy of Life answers to the intimates queries of the childrens and the youth teenagers.
Honest, explicit and at times humorous, The Joy of Life presents the ABC's of human reproduction with gentleness and affection.

The Joy of Life has been conceived for helping parents and teachers to open the dialogue.

Bonus : Quizz

DVD (Zone 2 PAL)
20 episodes of 5 min 30
Language : French or English.
From 6 years old.

DVD Mine de rien

DVD Mine de rien