The Corridor

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A young couple finds themselves in a very serious financial predicament. The man is jobless and spends his days wandering through the streets with hardly enough in his pockets to buy a little something to eat.

Due to his extreme weakness, he happens to faint one day in front of a shop window. It's thus that he meets the shop owner, an old man who offers him a job. His work consists in sitting all day long to guard the door to a small room at the back of the corridor which contains objects of value sought after by thieves.

But the very reality of said thieves' existence becomes more and more dubious. Is this then some swindle on the part of the old shopkeeper? A whim? Or a painful initiation to the revelation of a world beyond reality?

Director(s) :

Length :
17 min 18 sec

Category :
short films

Public :

Scénario :

Graphism :
Jean-Loup Felicioli

Production :

Folimage, Studio Film Bilder, Arte France


In French theaters Special screenings International sales

Available version(s) :
French version, French version with English subtitles

Awards / Festivals+

Prix Festivals : 

- Grand Prix, Rencontres Internationales du cinéma d'animation, Wissembourg 2005
- Prix du Jury du court noir, Festival Polar dans la ville, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 2006
- Mention Spéciale du Jury, Festival Animafest, Zagreb 2006
- Special Prize, Festival d'Hiroshima 2006
- Prix du meilleur court métrage, Festival Cinanima Espinho 2006 

Technical information+

Technicals :
drawings on paper

Genre(s) :

Theme(s) :

French visa number :
106 340

Process :

Available print(s) :
35mm, DVD

Image ratio (theaters) :

Sound :
Dolby SR

HD :

Dialogues :

Year of production :


Producer(s) :

Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Patrick Eveno 

Animation :
Alain Gagnol, Sylvie Léonard

Decors :
Jean-Loup Felicioli

Compositing :
Patrick Tallaron

Music :
Spencer Williams " Basin street blues " interprété par / played by Louis Armstrong

Sound :
Loïc Burkhardt

Editing :
Hervé Guichard

Voice(s) :
Christian Taponard, Gilles Morel, Karen Stassman

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