Message from the founder

It's an animation studio, a centre for frame-by-frame creativity where almost anything is possible.
It's a magical place, built up gradually thanks to the will, the talent and the imagination of around a hundred artists and technicians. It's a factory crammed with bold ideas, tubes of colour, reasonable computers, pencil leads, sharpeners, light-boxes, friendly cameras, plasticine characters, small movements both tender and sincere, gales of laughter, lots of support, lots of challenges but lots to fall in love with. The name is recognized all over the world.

It is synonymous with an unfailing determination, since more that twenty years, to produce films of quality.

Jacques-Rémy Girerd, founder of studio.

Message from the founder


Since 1981

Folimage studio specializes in creating stop-motion animation films. Founded in 1981 by Jacques-Rémy Girerd, the company is now located in Bourg-lès-Valence, in the Drôme and produces TV series, short films and feature films. In 2005, the studio started releasing DVDs, mainly short films as well as series such as Michel.

But Folimage also focuses on the full spectrum of animation development. Since the company’s inception, one of its core aims has been to train young authors. In this spirit, in 1999 it founded La Poudrière, an animated film school and in 2004 L’Equipée, an association that promotes animation cinema.

The animation studio handles both production and distribution on the same site thereby giving them the same impetus, It strongly supports auteur films and has gained great notoriety thanks to a catalogue including over 45 shorts, as well as classic television series (Tidbits for Toddlers, My Little Planet, Hilltop Hospital, or more recently Ariol, broadcast on TF1), specials (Charlie’s Christmas, Spud and the Vegetable Garden, Leon in the Wintertime, Molly in the Springtime, Bonifacio in the Summertime) and feature films (Raining Cats and Frogs, Mia and the Migoo). This is demonstrated by the fact that the studio’s latest feature film, A Cat in Paris, was nominated for an Oscar in 2012 in the Best Animated Feature category.
Folimage studio is constantly evolving. Adventures continue with projects for several feature films: Aunt Hilda! by Jacques-Rémy Girerd, currently in production, and Phantom Boy (Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli) is in development. Lastly, the studio’s new TV series will be broadcast on France Télévisions in 2013 (Yummy Yummy! Voice by Jean-Pierre Coffe).

Artist-in-Residence program Artist-in-Residence program

APPLICATION 2018 ! This program gives directors an opportunity to come in our studio to make a 5 minutes animation film (no 3D) that combines comedy and humor, intended for 5 to 7 y-o. Applicants, who must have already directed one or two short films, can submit a project with a real author’s point of view and develop original graphics.
Deadline: May 4th, 2018
- Final decision: June 2018
- Writing residency (Fontevraud Abbey): Oct. 2018
- Residency (Folimage): from Nov. 2018 to Dec. 2019

Partners: Canal+family, Nadasdy films, CNC, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, NEF/Fontevraud, Bayard publishing, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Children’s Fair Book and Press of Montreuil, Procirep-Angoa, Clermont-Ferrand international short film festival, Mèche Courte.

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