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La Cartoucherie, un pôle d’excellence

La Cartoucherie, un pôle d’excellence

De la Cartoucherie à la Cour des Images

Folimage in La Cartoucherie

Since 2009 March, Folimage moved in La Cartoucherie, an historical building in Bourg-lès-Valence!

La Cour des images

La Cartoucherie Pôle Image Sud Rhône-Alpes is specialised in animated film production based around the Folimage Studios, where this project was born. It combines production, training, casting, broadcasting as well as film education in order to foster meaningful quality individual artistic initiatives.
La Cartoucherie is one of the 4 pillars of the Imaginove competitive cluster based in The Rhône-Alpes region, along with CITIA (city of moving pictures in Annecy), the documentary activity park in Lussas in the Ardeche region and the PIXEL audiovisual and cinema centre (in Villeurbanne, near Lyon). It benefits from state funding throught the Rhône-Alpes Cinema and Regional Funding which supports audiovisual and film creations.

From powder to pictures

The old national bullet factory buildings were bought over by the Town of Bourg-lès-Valence in 1993 and renovation work took place for over 2 years. The challenge of this renovation project was to preserve the original features of this historical building while redeveloping it for a new use.
The outside architecture has been preserved with its numerous curved windows, its tall brick chimney which reminds us of the industrial past of this building and a public patio area turned into an open garden leading to the neighbouring area. While the inside of the building was adapted to the needs of the new occupiers, original features were also preserved such as the roof structure and the pillars made of cast iron.
La Cartoucherie Pôle Image Sud Rhône-Alpes is managed by the greater Valence council and around ten companies combining culture, creation and business can be found here :
- Folimag Studio,
- L’Equipée : it aims at raising interest among adults and youngsters about animated films and organizes professional training, meetings, film projections, workshops…
- La Poudrière : first animation film-directing school, La Poudrière offers a higher education course in film production, looking at animated films as a whole by providing a total control of the film production process.
- Les Ecrans : this association brings together the cinemas of the Rhône-Alpes Sud region in order to provide quality and encourage culture exchange.
- Cinéda : Drôme-Ardèche Film Commission encourages film shooting and post-production industries in the Rhône-Alpes Sud region.
- Fargo : an audiovisual production company which combines 2 activities.
- Les Films du Nord : this company is specialized in the production of animated short films by creating an economic model for the film makers and technicians.
- Les Tanukis : it’s a cross media studio specialised in the creation of online videogames, animated films and web design.
- Teamto : an animation studio which produces TV series and 3D films, with several for national and international channels.

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Les partenaires de Folimage

- Association pour le développement du cinéma d'animation basée à La Cartoucherie  l  La Poudrière - École du film d'animation basée à La Cartoucherie  l  La Cour des images - Association regroupant les acteurs du pôle d'excellence du cinéma d'animation et de l'image animée  l  La Cartoucherie   l  Ville de Valence  l  Département de la Drôme  l  Région Rhône-Alpes  l  Imaginove - Pôle de compétitivité / cluster des filières de l'image en mouvement  l  ONF - Office National du Film du Canada  l  Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy  l  CITIA, Cité de l'image en mouvement  l  TF1 - Chaîne TV privée française  l  France 3 - Chaîne TV du groupe France Télévisions  l  Canal + - Chaîne TV cryptée  l  Arte - Chaîne TV thématique Franco-Allemande  l  ZDF - Chaîne TV allemande  l  AFCA - Association française du cinéma d'animation  l  Gebeka Films - Distributeur cinéma  l  F.T.D - France Télévisions Distribution  l  TVFI - Association des exportateurs de programmes audiovisuels français  l  Canson - partenaire du long métrage Une vie de chat  l  Caran d'Ache - partenaire du long métrage Une vie de chat  l  Groupe Bayard - Presse & jeunesse  l  Nicolas Vanier  - partenaire du film Ma petite planète chérie