Yummy yummy!


"Yummy Yummy" is a series initially intended for television. The central concept focuses on healthy eating reviewed in an alternative form, light hearted and funny, while getting across a clear, positive and constructive educational message and without using a heavy moralistic tone. The series is also designed to be ultimately distributed on various audiovisual mediums as part of themes like the promotion of quality nutrition and the development of healthy nutritional habits.

Director(s) :

Length :
26 episodes of 2 minutes 30 secondes (and 26 x 52 secondes)

Category :
TV series

Public :
all audience

Scénario :

Graphism :
Serge Elissalde

Production :

Folimage Studio, Les Trois Ours, with France Télévisions


Special screenings International sales

Available version(s) :
French version

Awards / Festivals+

Sélection officielle en compétition, Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy 2013.

Technical information+

Technicals :
2D computer graphics

Genre(s) :
comedy, edutainment

Theme(s) :
diet, health

Process :

Available print(s) :
Digital Betacam, HD Cam, DVD, Quicktime file

Image radio (TV, video) :

HD :

Dialogues :

Year of production :


Producer(s) :

Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Corinne Destombes, Olivier Catherin

Animation :
Xavier Cruz, Morten Riisberg Hansen, Sergiej Gizilla, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, Marc Robinet, Suzanne Seidel, Amélie Harrault

Decors :
Serge Elissalde

Compositing :
Pierric Gibert, Benoit Razy, Joan Frescura

Music :
Serge Besset

Sound :
Loïc Burkhardt, Samuel Billot, Pauline Lemaire-Démaret

Editing :
Hervé Guichard, Myriam Copier

Voice(s) :
Jean-Pierre Coffe


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